W.R.E. only supply the best fittings available on the market, When you plumb your vehicle you need to do it once and once only We supply an extensive range of fittings for oil, fuel, water and air systems, on top of this we also supply a complete range of hoses in either rubber lined braided stainless steel, Teflon lined braided stainless steel or a budget synthetic black rubber hose, these are available in a range om sizes from -3an (1/8"id) to -32 (1 3/4" id)

The images below are just a small selection of fittings available in corresponding sizes to suit the hose sizes mentioned earlier, Speedflow fittings are available in a myriad of thread sizes from AN thread to NPT, metric, BSP and SAE, all in a wide range of options to adapt between thread types and sizes. We also carry a full range of aluminium spanners and vice jaws to help protect your investment during installation and maintenance.

Also on this page you will notice our range of MIH oil coolers and oil filter adaptors, these billet aluminium adaptors are to suit Chevy engines, however the range will be expanded to other marques to complement the current SBC/BBC LT1 and LS1 options at a later date.