Gary Malin

Lee Darby

Pat Talbot

Ian Jackson

Al Simms

Andy Frost

Tim Blakemore

Alex McIntosh

SPRC Junior Dragster

Brendan Clancy

Lex Joon

Mark Pointer

Ray Comer

Ronald Jutting

Jon Webster

Wilf Stacey

Stuart Peck

Ian Marshall

Ian Hanson

Twin Seater Dragster

Wayne Nicholson

Brian Burrows

Dee Ireland

Rick McCann / Carla Pittau

Des White

Mike Lacey

Rob Turner

Richard Billing

Jason Weir

Andy Bond

Jon Webster

Winner, Ten of the Best 2016
Rear Wheel Drive Class


Thanks to Sharkman, DJ and Peter Donaldson for the use of the photos and discounted parking at events.