We have been at the forefront of drag racing for many years, but have been particularly instrumental in the development of the Japanese series, not only at the advisory level to the organisers regarding rules and regulations but also constructing or modifying some of the most competitive cars in the series.

Our customers, as of January 2008, include, Dee Ireland, Leon Green, Steve Whittaker, Chris Impey, Gary Gooding, Ian Page and Tim Enderby.

Our approach to this particular class of racing encompasses all our knowledge of drag racing with emphasis on efficiency, maximising the way the small turbo engined cars make power, through chassis design, emphasising the importance of weight and weight distribution, optimising gearing of transmission and final drive.

Because of the way torque is developed, the chassis structure is optimised which ensures minimum weight with maximum acceleration.

All the services we provide extend into the Japanese and Import market, including full fabrication shop from the smallest of modifications, in house scales and chassis set up, to full track support and advice, importing of parts direct from our suppliers in the USA and Australia, and are direct suppliers for many companies worldwide, details of which can be found on our products page.