Nitrous Oxide in its most basic form is a bottle of oxygenating gas that allows the engine to burn more fuel and more burnt fuel equals more power. Used in the correct ratio nitrous oxide is as safe as any other power adding performance part you can fit to your car or bike. The basic kits start with just 25 hp with a dry kit , so called because you only inject the gas into the air inlet of a fuel injected engine and the air flow or similar sensor reads the additional oxygen intake and the e.c.u. responds by adding the correct amount of fuel via the injection system.

Moving up a level you get a little more serious, import kits are designed specifically for 4 and 6 cylinder engines with and without turbochargers. From this point on things start to get a bit more involved, most of the systems from here on up are what are termed wet systems, requiring both nitrous and fuel solenoids to produce the correct air fuel ratio, as an addition these kits are much more tuneable in terms of power output ranging from 50 hp to 150 hp and 100 hp to 300 hp .

Its from this point on that power output gets really outrageous with kits capable of producing up to 1000 hp , these kits are by no means intended for any regular street engine as the internal components of most oem engines are not suited to these sort of power gains.It is recommended that before any nitrous kit is fitted that your engine is up to the demands your about to place on it . On a further note its always a good idea to make sure your ignition system is in good condition , or look at upgrading if you are looking to make higher power levels.

The rule is if in doubt always ask someone with technical expertise.