WRE are official distributors for Motec Engine Management and Data Acquisition systems. We have successfully integrated these systems into Drag Racing over the past 3 years, seeing huge benefits in tuning capabilities in conjunction with precise data logging, all resulting in performance gains.

We work very closely with Motec offering track side backup and support to help customers understand the systems. We are currently designing bolt in systems including pre made looms to allow quick and easy installation.

Some of the benefits of the systems offered by Motec are not immediately obvious. For instance, someone building a new vehicle who is considering buying gauges, controllable ignition systems, data logging and subsequently wiring and plumbing those systems would spend more than if they fitted a simple ECU and dash. Even if they are running a carb the ECU itself can run the ignition far better than any after market ignition system, offering kinder rev control and totally mapable ignition, relative to numerous controlled inputs eg, Air / Fuel ratio, Engine Load, Air Temperature, Throttle position, Water Temperature and Nitrous operation. This ultimately results in safer operation and better performance.

By virtual of installing the ECU, you have the benefits of a very capable data logger, again better than most standalone systems. The data logging system can be expanded to offer capabilities far beyond most Drag Racers needs, with very high sample rates and user friendly software specifically aimed at Drag Racing.

The use of a dashboard eliminates gauges and switching for fans and pumps. The dash communicates with the ECU, it has switched outputs to work off programmable limits operating cooling fans, water pumps and fuel pumps if required.

The display is programmable to user requirements, so that priorities are shown on the screen. Other values can be hidden until such time as a preset limit is exceeded, ie Oil Pressure could be hidden and only displayed if it drops below 30psi for one second when the engine is over 3000 rpm and below 20psi for one second at 1500rpm. At the point these limits are reached the warning light comes on and the display indicates the values. This can also be set through the dash outputs and used to switch off ignition, fuel pumps, etc.

Motec also offer power distribution control modules which simplifies relays, fuses and wiring, all the power distribution is programmable, not only highly simplifying your electrical installation but allowing programmable priorities, for example to maintain fuel and ignition system during a voltage drop situation.

More information is available from Motec's web site, or call us on 01933 315236 for specific requirements and advice.